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January 1, 2018

My most beautiful wishes for you in 2018 !

December 19, 2015

Every day, we give and receive gifts from life. We are not always aware of it. For instance, to breathe is a gift because we breathe in the air the plants offer us and we breathe out the air from our lungs. It is happening each and every seconds of our life. To give a...

July 5, 2014

This morning when I woke up, I had the great surprise to see this on my balcony.

What is even more amazing is that I didn’t plant it, it’s growing by itself…

Amazing Nature… :):):)

July 5, 2014

I found it amazing to be the witness of the miracles of Life…

Just observing them blooming, so beautifully wonderful !

Sometimes I just feel they are carefully and gently preparing to open and shine…

making me patiently waiting…

It makes me think of how it’s important...

October 19, 2008

Once again… you are here, right by my side… I feel good… You are so sweet & so warm… I look at you, I admire you, you make me think… You make me dream… I love you…

My Heart feels moved when I see you, all my senses are thrilling & I guess I am flying… I am neither here...

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Ode to the Sun

October 19, 2008

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