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May 8, 2018

I thought I would have needed a time for adaptation…

I thought I would have had moments of lack…

I thought my life would be shaken…

And none of these happened!

No jetlag from China to France…

No feeling of lack…

No need for adaptation…

A sincere joy:

  • to be with my family

  • ...

November 17, 2017

As you might know, last May, messages were very clear: the place my angels are invited me to go is Reunion Island. What for? Where exactly & How? I don’t know… but one thing is sure, I’m following the messages! Therefore, I will go there for 3 weeks in December and acc...

December 19, 2015

Every day, we give and receive gifts from life. We are not always aware of it. For instance, to breathe is a gift because we breathe in the air the plants offer us and we breathe out the air from our lungs. It is happening each and every seconds of our life. To give a...

November 10, 2015

To live and to experience, you don’t need expectation.

Expectation comes from the desire to control and controlling is an illusion.

Do you really think you can control anything?

Life in itself is already a teaching.

Trust that you will experience what you need to exper...

November 2, 2015

Each decision I take is my responsibility. I’m then open to the consequences: positive or negative.

My false perception: I decided to trust someone, this person made a mistake, I’ve thrown all the fault on him, I blamed him, probably to make myself irresponsible. Only b...

September 5, 2014

Dialogue with Uncle Fish
[Uncle Fish is my mother’s brother. I called him like this because he loves water and can remain hours swimming with the fishes]

Me: “I am so grateful to Life for all that was given to me, towards Nature for its Beauty and Power, towards the Uni...

July 5, 2014

Open your eyes, your ears, your heart and you’ll see more of Shanghai Nature !
Even in big cities, you can find Nature ! Keep your heart open, pay attention and you’ll feel it !!!

A little bit of what I could catch in Shanghai with my camera ;)

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Ode to the Sun

October 19, 2008

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