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Ode to the Sun

October 19, 2008

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1 year after | How joyfully and intensely Oneness University has contributed to my Life and can contribute to yours!

18 Nov 2016

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Last November 2015, exactly one year from now, I was at Oneness University in India. A whole month to dig deeper into myself: sharing, meeting new people, meditating, reflecting, crying, laughing, loving, hating, being scared, being fulfilled, flying, being grounded, going through intense processes… discovering and connecting with my Higher Self, my Divine…!


I learnt so much about my inner world, many doors opened and today life is much clearer, brighter and loving!


I also became a Oneness Trainer so that I could in my turn guide in the 2 days-Oneness Awakening Course where people would deeply immerse in their own depth, their own darkness and light to become Deeksha Givers!


Today, my heart is filled with Love and Gratitude.

When I think about all the adventures I’ve been through, I feel proud, joyful, moved, warm and full of hope!

– To all the friends and family who helped me financially with the crowdfunding to achieve my dreams. Without you, I could not have made it! I can’t quote everyone but be sure that you all have a place in my heart.
– To my parents who unconditionally love me.
– To Sri Amma Bhagavan who appeared to me saying it was time to go to India.
– To Oneness University and to Chandra and all the Guides and people contributing there.
– To Jacqueline my beloved friend who opened me up to Oneness University.
– To all the beautiful souls I’ve met at Oneness.
– To all the friends for their supportive thoughts, prayers and words.
– My greatest vibes also go to all the 37 new Deeksha Givers that I’ve guided during this past year, for their trust, their courage and love. Among them my boyfriend, my sister, my sister in law, my best friend… It is so important to me that every member of my family heals then stability, harmony and joy would just happen naturally. It is just the beginning! 


Watch this video, you’ll feel the environment of Oneness University and how it can also change your life