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Done ! I took my airplane tickets for Reunion Island !

As you might know, last May, messages were very clear: the place my angels are invited me to go is Reunion Island. What for? Where exactly & How? I don’t know… but one thing is sure, I’m following the messages! Therefore, I will go there for 3 weeks in December and accordingly, I will see where life will lead me.

It is wonderful to be free to follow my heart and to notice that all these years making efforts to build myself up, to welcome my fears, to face my doubts and finally to be able today to let myself go with this natural flow of life with easiness and simplicity. And I will take off to this unexpected place, I didn’t even know where it was exactly on the world map.

I love this image. You are on the edge of a precipice, you can’t see anything down there, only this huge black hole… but you know you need to jump into it to let everything go, let you fears go, your doubts, all the unnecessary things that take too much space, you know that only this ‘let go’ can give you the freedom to be totally yourself.

It is so scary you need to make several attempts before you can jump in this hole, this unknown you can’t control at all… And finally, you MAKE THE DECISION & JUMP!

You’re falling into this emptiness, you are aspired downwards, you have the feeling that you will simply… die… and at this exact moment, you realize you’re not falling anymore, you are FLYING…

You’re reaching the sky, your dreams, your most profound projects, you feel light and you smile peacefully…

I’ve learnt to jump so many times into this hole that faith had grown tremendously in me and in what life can offer me on a daily basis… because I know there is always a reason for what is happening…

It is for my own evolution, for my growth and for me to rise up… I don’t always know why it is happening the way it is happening but each day, I’m welcoming every situation and encounter with wider and wider arms…

If you know anyone or any projects that I can explore in Reunion Island, feel free to send me the info. I feel so excited to discover this island through all the contacts I’m receiving. One world, one family !

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