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Oops, I forgot to thank myself !

Dialogue with Uncle Fish

[Uncle Fish is my mother’s brother. I called him like this because he loves water and can remain hours swimming with the fishes]

Me: “I am so grateful to Life for all that was given to me, towards Nature for its Beauty and Power, towards the Universe to allow me to connect to its infinity, towards People for this constant sharing of love in my heart, towards You for all your wise words that light up my path…

Uncle Fish: Yes, I feel this flame which enlivens you and the gratefulness you have. However, have you ever thought about being grateful towards yourself and thanks your own self for who you are and what you do?

Me (surprised and touched by the question): Not really…

Uncle Fish: Then you should start with this, thanks yourself and love yourself above all… in this way, you’ll find your right place. It is essential you’d say to yourself “Thank you. I love myself and my divine who is within me."

We were on the phone, he was in France and I was in China. I had tears in my eyes… I haven’t thought about this.

Thanks myself…? I’ve never imagined telling “Thank you” to myself could touch me so much. It was a deed of love towards myself, a recognition of all I have done on my path, I felt my soul was smooth and light…

What about you, do you say “Thank You” to Yourself ?

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