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I decided to be happy because it is good for health

How many years will we live? Let’s say 70 years or no, let’s be crazy and go for 80 years !

According to me, how do we use them?

  • Half of the time, we sleep. We have 40 years left.

  • Three quarter of that time, we study or work. That’s 10 years left.

  • Half of that time to eat. 5 years left.

  • Half of that time in front of a screen (TV, computer, cell phone, tablet…).

We have 2 years left.

At the end, if we look at our life in this way, it’s not very exciting, is it?

Kind of senseless… 2 YEARS to TRULY LIVE!

That is why I have decided that what is important to me is not so much what I’m doing but the level of consciousness I put in all of my actions.

One day, I told Uncle Fish: « – I find it sad to spend so much time in front of a screen when we could be enjoying outdoors nature and appreciating it. Uncle Fish said: – What I find sad is not so much spending time in front of a screen but to be in front of that very same screen and not enjoy it. »

It made a strong impression on me. Why decide to do something while wanting to be elsewhere? Why do something and lack presence and attention to what we are doing, this indeed is sad.

I think this is what is missing for us to be happy. This is what makes the years pass by without noticing them and losing ourselves in the whirlpool of to-do lists. What if we added a little bit of consciousness?

What if we decided to do what we do, but inputting full consciousness in our actions? Wouldn’t it naturally result in joy and deep peace?

What about you, what are you doing right now? Reading this article? Do you really give your full attention to read and appreciate or are you already thinking about what is next on your to do list?

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