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1 year after | How joyfully and intensely Oneness University has contributed to my Life

Last November 2015, exactly one year from now, I was at Oneness University in India. A whole month to dig deeper into myself: sharing, meeting new people, meditating, reflecting, crying, laughing, loving, hating, being scared, being fulfilled, flying, being grounded, going through intense processes… discovering and connecting with my Higher Self, my Divine…!

I learnt so much about my inner world, many doors opened and today life is much clearer, brighter and loving!

I also became a Oneness Trainer so that I could in my turn guide in the 2 days-Oneness Awakening Course where people would deeply immerse in their own depth, their own darkness and light to become Deeksha Givers!

Today, my heart is filled with Love and Gratitude.

When I think about all the adventures I’ve been through, I feel proud, joyful, moved, warm and full of hope!

THANK YOU FROM ALL MY HEART : – To all the friends and family who helped me financially with the crowdfunding to achieve my dreams. Without you, I could not have made it! I can’t quote everyone but be sure that you all have a place in my heart. – To my parents who unconditionally love me. – To Sri Amma Bhagavan who appeared to me saying it was time to go to India. – To Oneness University and to Chandra and all the Guides and people contributing there. – To Jacqueline my beloved friend who opened me up to Oneness University. – To all the beautiful souls I’ve met at Oneness. – To all the friends for their supportive thoughts, prayers and words. – My greatest vibes also go to all the 37 new Deeksha Givers that I’ve guided during this past year, for their trust, their courage and love. Among them my boyfriend, my sister, my sister in law, my best friend… It is so important to me that every member of my family heals then stability, harmony and joy would just happen naturally. It is just the beginning!

Watch this video, you’ll feel the environment of Oneness University and how it can also change your life.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you Deeksha Givers. May you spread Peace and Love wherever you are :

Benito, Brigitte, Amélie, Renaud, Barbara, Valentine, Isabelle, Ana, Priscila, Silvia, Gaëlle, Fernanda, Clémentine, Vicky, Nancy, Kate, Romy, Eleinor, Irina, Irene, Cristina, Dorian, Nicolas, John, Elena, Karim, Nang-keo, Radhiké, Kadija, Sarah, Donovan, Christine, Tania, Deborah W., Costanza, Laura, Deborah S., Cyrille, Anastasia, Constance, Herwina, Stéphane B., Ken, Phillip W., Alie, Franziska, Lei, Maria K., Marine, Tuya, Carlos, Robyn, Jen, Michael, Portia, Yolanda, Anna T., Clotilde, Sarah L.


I don’t have enough words to describe what I went through and how I feel now. Thank you so much for taking us through this journey. The doors opened and now there will be more light coming through. Tania Kondratieva

Dear Phounkeo! Thank you so much for your love during this weekend! It was amazing. Your mission in this world is beautiful. Everything was prepared with love. I felt love. The course provoked me to know me better and I had insights about my childhood that helped me understand me better. The videos, the booklets, the songs, the meditations, the food…everything was good. Congratulations and keep doing it, please! Thank you with all my heart! Deborah Spadotto

I am really grateful to you, the rest of the group, the lunch lady and each one of the people who made this weekend possible for us. To me personally it was a great opportunity to revise many aspects of my life. I went there with the aim to connect with myself, but during the processes I realized there were more things to work on, that maybe will open the path for that connection or will just make it happen when those blockages are solved. Laura Botero

The Oneness Awakening course provides a meaningful and powerful opportunity to engage in self-healing and attain a higher degree of self-awareness while undertaking a journey of self-introspection. This two-days intensive journey allowed me to better understand both myself and my place in the collective whole, as well as how to strengthen my current relationships and connect with my higher self. During this workshop I was reminded that the external world is a reflection of our internal world and that happiness must come from within; thank you Phounkeo for encouraging and challenging us to dig deep, to confront fear as well as embrace joy in the search for oneness. Sarah Boss

I have simply relighted my flame of joy with a loving and peaceful spirit. I felt touched deeply in my emotions and with all the content related to the more practical daily life teachings as well. Costanza Piantelli

The biggest life changing moment has taken place thanks to your spiritual guidance and never failing love. I truly enjoyed the Oneness Course and found it to be not only spiritually uplifting but very informative about what we all are striving for Love, Light and Peace. Where there is Love there will be Light and Peace comes in abundance. My spirit hungered for all the enlightenment that you shared coupled with educating us more on how to be in the present and be aware and conscious. I cannot thank you enough for constantly telling me to put the work away and take the Oneness Course. I have been abundantly blessed through the Oneness Course and it has eternally changed my life. My spirit is more calm and I have no need to confront anything or anyone. It is all unimportant. The only thing that is important is to breath, aspire to a higher conscious state, spread love and joy to all through my actions and continue on the path of awakening. My heart is singing thankfulness to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. With all my love, Debbie Walker

Wonderful inner journey. It was painful and beautiful at the same time. Meditations were so well guided that I was seeing an inner world full of colors that I would never have imagined I can have. Thank you Phounkeo for this magic journey that will help me all my life.

Nang-Keo Phayvong

I already knew that by taking this course, I would have had things to deal with myself but I didn’t know that deep inside of me were hidden so many beautiful and powerful things. This 2 days “coming back to myself”, I’ve discovered my breath which opens doors to an inner world I haven’t suspected before… Thank you for letting me truly cry, sincerely laugh and humbly guiding my being to simply be. Thank you to my soul sister here and beyond. Karim Remagui

Coming to this course, I didn’t know what to expect and it was better this way. I could never have imagined being able to live so deep experiences and getting such a consciousness of myself in only 2 days. Thank you Phounkeo for guiding me in my inner journey and helping me to lift the veil of unknown aspects in my life (lot of them unexpected). Kadija Akayad

These 2 days had been a journey in my inner self. A beautiful and powerful journey. I felt and saw my Divine. Thank you for this discovery! Radhike Patel

The Awakening course with Phounkeo has been the beginning of a new way of seeing and feeling life. Something that I always knew that was there and I needed to reconfirm but I never thought that I was going to find it in such a dear manifestation. I fully understand why this course is named « awakening ». Thank you for helping me to find it. Elena Garcia

A complete re-set. I am That. Thank you so much, it was a wonderful & powerful first step. I am so grateful!!! Your positivity & sincerity are infectious, and the environment of acceptance and safety you provide helped me to be more open and connect/dive deep. Excited to put into practice what we learned… and Grow! Love John James

Thank you so much for all the awareness you brought into my life. Today was like opening the gate on my path. I love you from the bottom of my heart and again thanks so much. Nicolas Usé

A discovery or re-discovery of our true self, an opening like a lotus, even if through pain and strong emotions. At the end, it is just the beginning of the blooming and spreading beauty and love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Phounkeo. Irina Mazilu

Before this course, I haven’t realised how many conflicts I experienced were still existing in me, and affecting me. I am proud of myself for having faced them on such a deep, spiritual and emotional level. I have forgiven and from this day forward I am going to love as much as I possibly can. Thank you Phounkeo, you have inspired me to stay true to myself and to love freely!! Romy Vallet

People mentioned that this was life changing, INDEED IT IS! I have now begun to truly understand who I am and what my capabilities are… Don’t wait for a change to come, make the change yourself. “The best investment I have made in my life.” Dorian Madrigal

This has been a wonderful experience for me. The connection of love and openness is heart-warming. Phounkeo, the feeling we shared here today and yesterday is eternal and I look forward to sharing it with whoever wants. Eleinor Reidy

Thank you for such an amazing journey of joy. I hope that’s just the beginning of my transformation. Cristina Castillo

Totally enjoyed the course! An awakening journey full of energy – Powerful! Irene Gu

It was a pleasant, joyful, painful journey, and it will change you and your life! Kate Yang

Thank you Phounkeo and all this nice group! It was a wonderful experience, full of joy, tears, healing and love. I love you all and I am so happy to have experienced such a nice “Oneness Awakening” I love you, you love, we love I suffer, you suffer, we suffer I am happy, you are happy, we are happy Let Peace, Love and Happiness be in every human being and creature of nature. Barbara Vaillant

I was very happy to go through this process. After the process of dealing with our limitations, I felt relieved and more at peace. I am ready to discover more of myself and to go through my journey. I am very grateful for everything. Priscila Drummond

I came to OpenUp Space to take the Oneness Awakening Course with no expectation, and left with a heart full of love, a peaceful mind and confidence to live life to the fullest. I’m grateful to have received Phounkeo’s guidance and support throughout the course. Her love, benevolence and smile have helped me find my inner self. I now have the tools to lead an even more meaningful life and to give to others. Namaste. Amélie Papin

I feel great after this weekend. Something really changed inside my heart. I feel more connected with myself and my divine. When giving Deeksha, I felt a very strong fire inside me and my body was all hot. It is incredible. I am very glad to have this weekend and very thankful that my path brought me here. Thank you!! Fernanda Bulla

The Oneness Awakening Course at OpenUp Space was a step forward in my spiritual path. Guided by Phounkeo, we received the fundamentals and the meditation practices, like the ‘Ananda Mandala’ was quite powerful in the process of awakening. 2 days quite intense in the introspection process. I am really happy to be now a Deeksha Giver and will put it to use from now on. Renaud Gay

Powerful and Brilliant. Thank you! Valentine Sorret

A deep and sincere dive into myself to extract emotions that are related to my life, my life from the past and the now… and at the end, feeling more connected with the “here and now” and full of vibrant and passionate intentions for the future! Ready to welcome a new Spring in my life and to embrace it! Thank you so much Phounkeo. Clémentine Triballeau

It was a beautiful weekend, full of energy, a big deep down in your soul and heart alignment. Silvia Muller

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