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10 of the biggest general nonsenses in our modern lives on this planet (and we obediently do them)

I find many of the things we’re doing out of habit are completely absurd. We’re so used to them that we end up finding them normal and not questioning them anymore.

  1. We eat fruits and vegetables full of pesticides, access to the potentially healthier ones like organic is more expensive → originally, a fruit or vegetable grows naturally, it’s healthy and FREE. You don’t give money to the tree to eat its fruits.

  2. We drink contaminated water → originally, water is pure and available in every rivers and water courses and it’s FREE. You don’t give money to the water to drink it.

  3. We travel with a passport that defines where we come from and where we are allowed to go → originally, there is no frontier, and neither people nor any government truly own the soil, it doesn’t belong to anyone. You don’t show a visa to the soil when you walk on it. Do birds have visas?

  4. We struggle through transportations, to go to work a job we don’t even like, to make richer a boss we don’t necessarily like or even know. All this to earn money we mostly spend to forget about our jobs.

  5. We work 5 days a week and when the weekend arrives, we spend it to barely recover from those 5 tiring days.

  6. We treat animals with cruelty. We don’t raise them anymore, we “produce” them. Not to feed but to fatten ourselves and we’re becoming sick → originally, animals were FREE, we hunted them to feed ourselves and understood the value of one life. We didn’t buy meat in a basket at the supermarket.

  7. We go to the doctor with the idea that he will give us some medication prescription to completely cure us from a disease → doctors give you guidance (when not just doing business), they can’t cure you. You cure yourself.

  8. We know what fruits and vegetables look like (for those who don’t only eat them out of cans) but we have no idea what their trees or plants look like.

  9. Although we all know we’re going to die, we don’t talk about or prepare for it whatsoever.

  10. We (unconsciously) tend to communicate in a violent way. We think Others are the cause of our problems → why don’t we say “I don’t feel sad because I need understanding” instead of “You don’t understand me”?

So I’m asking myself:

How do I use and value my time and energy?

What do I do all this for?

If I knew I was going to die within one week, would I do things differently?

Do I really own my life?

What about you?

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