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5 received ideas about meditation

Today is the one year anniversary of my Shanghai Deeksha meditation group facilitations. I feel my heart is full of warmth, joy and peace.

I’ve been meditating for 5 years now and as I feel my heart full of warmth, joy and peace I’d like to share here a few of my insights:

  • Sitting straight and in full lotus both help you to connect better to the energy in you and around you. Through your spine, the energy flows from the sky to the earth. However if you’re not relaxed, the energy won’t flow. It’s better to be relaxed and calm than to be straight and tight during the meditation.

  • Meditation doesn’t make you becoming a crazy dreaming person out of touch with reality, on the contrary, it helps you anchor yourself, focus better and go to the essential.

  • Meditation in silence and quietness helps you to pause, go back to and dig deeper into your own self, and to reach a peaceful joy state. If you often practice, your mind will get used to it and it will become easier to reach this state. However, the whole point of practicing meditation is to be able to also keep this state in the outside world and to BE and to remain yourself anywhere at anytime. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, in crowded or lonely places, with people you feel close to or not…, you just feel the rightful place you’re in, the harmony with yourself and the rest of the world in the present moment.

  • Meditation is not just a technical practice. It’s an art of living, a spiritual path, a true breath of fresh air to your heart and soul. It comes naturally with many changes in your life: in your body, the way you see food, personal and professional insights, connection with nature and animals… We’re not Human DOings, we’re Human BEings.

At the end, you’ll realise there is no goal, the goal is the very path itself…

Special thanks to :

  • Jacqueline who has been guiding me for the Deeksha Meditation

  • my Uncle Tinoy for his wise words and guidance and who has always been here for me since so long.

  • all the Deeksha Meditators in Shanghai who joined the group and make it what it is: alive, authentic, peaceful and joyful.

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