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Did you know we had 80 000 thoughts per day?

It’s terrific, we have 80 000 thoughts per day! For this simple reason, I think it is important to know how to relax our brain, to slow down the flow of thoughts and find some quietness.

We spend most of our time in front of a screen to think, think & think, we should not be surprised that our cerebral part takes much more space than our spiritual part, which is linked to our deep essence.

It is possible to appease the flow of thoughts by meditating. In meditation, we don’t focus on the thoughts, we let them come and leave without holding them. Each time we realize we have a thought, we simply come back to the breath. Inhale…Exhale…

Bringing awawreness on the respiration allows us to perceive the subtil sensations in our body and to reconnect to this wonderful breath of life, to this spiritual and authentic being we are.

If you’d like to appease or relax your brain, close your eyes and take a few minutes of your time to pay attention to your breath.

Enjoy these delicious moments of serenity… ;)

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