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Do you know how to Give and Receive?

Dernière mise à jour : 6 nov. 2020

Every day, we give and receive gifts from life. We are not always aware of it. For instance, to breathe is a gift because we breathe in the air the plants offer us and we breathe out the air from our lungs. It is happening each and every seconds of our life. To give a smile or to send thoughts are also gifts.

In our society, we are more sensitive to concrete gifts like money, food, clothes, objects and we receive them with more gratefulness. It is essential to know how to receive each kind of gifts from life, people, nature around us…

When you receive, receive without moderation, with joy and from the bottom of your heart…

When you give, truly give with awareness that each second of your life is a giving of yourself or you can also deeply look at the person in the eyes.

When one knows how to fully Give and Receive then one can say one knows how to Live!

For this New Year 2016, I’m sending you all my most beautiful vibes of Joy, Love and Serenity… Please receive them without moderation ! :)

Mon, Wed, Thu for our weekly meditations in this first week 2016, we will meditate and bring awareness on our intentions for 2016. Come with 3 intentions you’d like to realise in 2016.


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