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Feeding myself with only light and air? My first fasting day

Yesterday, on 2016 Sept 23rd was the first fasting day of my life. I’ve never done that before and I’d never thought I would do this one day.

This past summer, curiosity rose from my little inner voice which led me questioning Uncle Fish*1 (my Sarbacana Master and my mum younger brother)

Me : « – What is fasting ? »

Uncle Fish (UF) : – It’s a spiritual practice allowing you to connect strongly with yourself. Not eating is a way to create a deeper connection with your body and soul. You can also offer this day to someone.

Me : – I’m surprised we can offer a day that seems painful to someone.

UF : – Fasting is not a deprivation of food, it is another way to feed yourself and to be more conscious of your own self.»

My mind was not really understanding these words but I kept in mind this conversation. Right before taking the plane to Shanghai, I came across a magazines booth right next to the departure lounge. By « coincidence », a magazine called Nexus wrote a whole file about this subject*2. Apparently, about 50 000 people worldwide already live eating only air and light. Most of these people lives in India and China. What a discovery! We call it « breatharianism »! Therefore, arriving in Shanghai, I’ve decided to observe my body & soul eating only when I was hungry instead of 3 times a day as I was conditioned to do.

What I’ve realised:

  • When I’m telling myself I’m not depriving myself from food but I’m nourishing my body in another way, I feel light and at peace when I don’t eat.

  • When I eat later than I usually do, my hands which were used to shake, are not shaking.

  • I sincerely appreciate better what I eat and drink, so I only eat and drink things that I like or of good quality.

  • All the things I’m eating become sacred.

  • My body naturally doesn’t want to eat not healthy food (too oily or too sweet)

  • I feel less tired.

  • I ate 2 times per day maximum.

  • I have hard time in term of socialization. I’m becoming more aware of my conditioning in link with food. When I am with people, I have this tendency to eat with them. It is like not eating is getting rid of this connection with others, as if happiness would come from the outside, from food.

After these 2 weeks experience, I’ve decided to have a one day fasting per week. Every Friday, I don’t eat but drink water. I’m well-aware my body becomes dehydrated quite fast and I prefer to keep the water for the moment.

I’ve started my first day yesterday by drinking water then I went to the park to practice qigong and taiji then 3h of meditation at OpenUp Space.

I’ve created the best conditions to feed myself with another form of energy.

During the day, I was sometimes feeling tired but not more than any other days when I’m eating and feeling tired. This fasting tiredness is lighter though; my body feels lighter. Early evening, I went for a walk in the park and I felt revitalized.

I was not very hungry at all; I was even amazed that my stomach was not grumbling much.

The following morning, I woke up quite tired and I drank water with a square of almond caramel dark chocolate & Guérande salt. It was joyful!

I believe people who can fast for several days are people who have faith in the abundance of life, people who are connected with their body and have a high consciousness of their being. I’m convinced there are people in our planet who only live feeding themselves with energy (‘Prana’ as Indian would call for ‘Yogis’ and ‘Qi’ as Chinese would say for ‘BiGu’ people)

I’m far from not wanting to feed myself with physical food but I keep going on step by step in this new discovery.

For your information, we will have a screening of the documentary « LIGHT » about this topic. Stay tuned to your newsletter to know more.

I set the intention to write more often (1 to 2 times a week) so that I can share more of my wonderful adventures with you.

*1 I will soon write an article about this special being who is according to me, bringing a beautiful light to this earth.

*2 Nexus Magazine No 106. Phénomène prânique. Se nourrir sans manger ? Ils sont des milliers à ne plus avoir besoin de manger pour vivre. Quelle source d’alimentation ont-ils découverts ?

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