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Freedom is within

After these 8 days break far from Shanghai, I feel fresh and ready to start new adventures !

I had the impression that I should have gone far from my nest to think, to empty my mind, to get some fresh air and to take a breather. 1300 km away, I take the time for me… and I realise that I miss la belle Shanghai… and at the same time that I went far away to get in fact closer to her.

It’s strange… I arrived in Shanghai in May 2010, the 6 first months were difficult and gruelling : no nature, no landmark, no community… I had my ups and downs with some outburst once a week… and at the same time I was sowing some seeds, seeds of my desires, of my hopes, of my projects… and of course some didn’t grow and some came to life, logic and magic ! And step by step, I took care of those blooming flowers and I built like a small ant…

Today, I realise that for me, Shanghai is where it’s at ! Even if I went here and there and I was also seeking for Nature, I finally don’t miss it that much… because I’ve realised how much my freedom is in my heart and I found it in a Life that I truly love! I know that wherever I am, I will be happy if I respect my heart, if I don’t lie to myself, if my projects guide me, if I’m true to myself… 3 years to discover myself, to create, to build a meaningful life that I would have never imagined in such a big megalopolis of more that 20 million of people ! Who would have believed that ? Definitely not me… and yet, my heart is fulfilled…!

Wise words

  • Do not give up on your dreams, they guide you and give you this unlimited strength to go further…

  • Whatever people tell you, you are the one who knows what is good for you !

  • What you’re seeking outside is already inside…

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