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How I feel before meditating ever

Tomorrow, I will go on meditation… at 170 km from Paris… Somewhere far away… a place where you can find yourself…where you learn to know better about yourself… I hope…

It’s the first time I will do meditation… it lasts 10 days… A code of discipline must be read before subscribing… many rules has to be respected… http://www.dhamma.org/en/code.shtml No communication permitted, no reading, no writing, a strict schedule, no electronics etc…

Then, according to me… what is meditation before living it ?

After reading, seeing, hearing many comments about this subject… When you tell someone you’re going on meditation, often, most of the people are surprised & ask if you feel good or if you have any problems in your Life… I don’t have more problems, I am not sad & I would even say that I feel good… I just want to discover myself, to learn a method (among many of them)… a method to learn about myself, to understand myself & live better… I’d like to Feel… & see how through the act of breathing, the analysis of breathing, of your body, you learn who you are…

The secret in the Vipassana meditation (which comes from India) is to See who you are… to work within yourself to solve all this internal conflicts you often have & ruin your Life… to use your body as an instrument of well being by listening to it… & create positive repercussions on your spirit…purify your spirit & see ‘clearer’…

Re-learn that body & mind belong to one another…& finally to find yourself…free… This is what I can say about meditation for now…I will tell you more in about 10 days… ;)

To be continued…

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