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I answered her it doesn’t come from luck but from CHOICE.

Yesterday, my friend told me how lucky I was to do the job of my dreams and to enjoy it.

" I answered her it doesn’t come from luck, it comes from CHOICE."

Like everyone, I make choices everyday that impact my future and I also have difficult life decisions to make. I guess the difference is that I’m confident enough to make these choices following my heart and not my mind. I’ve made very important decisions listening to my inner voice, my intuition, my angels (whatever you call it) rather than logical reasons. And there was a lot of reasons to stay reasonable.

I was afraid but I went over my fear, not that I was super woman or stronger than anyone else, but simply because I trusted enough this inner voice to let myself be guided by it… I love life enough to know that I can trust…

And simply Being Myself…

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