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I continue on my path by leaving China…

Yes, it is time for me to leave my beautiful China where I grew up tremendously, where I’ve risen strong self-confidence and wonderfully crystallized my faith in life…

I arrived Event Planner and I’m leaving being a Love Activist guiding people in their personal & spiritual development, who could have guessed that? Not me…!

If 7 years ago, a fortune teller would have told me looking at her crystal ball what I would have become, I probably would have told her she was crazy and run away as what I am today was inconceivable to me at that time. I was just so scared not to be good enough, that someone could see my incapacity, fearful of what I could achieve or not, afraid to realize myself…

Yet, I’ve listened to my inner voice which knew what was right for me.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

I’m so grateful to China because it is part of me in my blood (I was born Sino-Lao in France) and now I also experienced China in my spiritual path. A city we definitely consider polluted and however opened myself up to the purest energies towards my divine soul. A city we define business-money oriented & unscrupulous but showed me it was possible to make a living from my passion and helping my fellows at the very same time. A city I’ve grown up with a community of people from all around the world where our diversities united us. A city made mostly with concrete and luxury where I’ve learnt to see life beauty in each and every bit of cement. A bustling city with 25 million people where I’ve realized it is only my choice to welcome or reject what people can offer me. A city I knew I would stay temporarily but where I found a permanent inner stability.

In January, I was meditating… and I received the message that it was time for me to leave… and at that moment, it was just a hint I could not deny. I heard the message, I accepted it and I moved on… I’m leaving this July, 23rd. I will go back to France.

To do what? For how long? I have no clue… I’m following my path step by step… and I have confidence…

I realize I feel very rich inside of me, full of my inner wisdom… so full that I’m surprisingly seeing myself very serene facing the unknown… I’m not scared because all I have is inside of me and I’m leaving with all of it, nobody can take this out of me. Thus, here or there, I feel this peaceful joy in me. I know who I am and what I can offer to the world.

A special ‘Thank’ to Benito whom I’ve shared 8 years of my life: my guinea pig in my inner research & discoveries, my punching ball in my bewilderment time, my confident (sometimes despite himself) and the mirror in my constant love expansion. I am also very grateful that he’s taking over all OpenUp Space activities here in China.

Thank you to all my Masters and Mentors who accompanied me these last years: Uncle Fish (Tinoy), Jacqueline, KeWen, Jeff Tan, Chen Laoshi, Alice, Cyrille, Pascale.

Thank you to my parents for their unconditional support & love.

To all my collaborators friends, Thank you for your mutual passion sharing and support: Bibiana, Brian, Cathleen, Christine, Claire B., Daniel S., Emmy, Estel, Fadzi, FeiHong Jiejie, Gabi, Gina, Isabelle B., Jean Baptiste, Jeff Y., Joan, Justis, Klaus, Leho, LiuYi, Manuella, Marceau, Mary, Nancy, Nico, Philippe, PhounChith, Radhike, Robert, Shaun, Soundscape Crew, Tommy, Victor.

To all the OpenUp Space Community and all the Deeksha Givers, Thank you for your trust. Thanks for sharing all these deep, beautiful and joyful moments together. Thank you for allowing me to bloom by your side.

To all the ones I’ve met directly or indirectly, thank you for helping me in my growth.

To all of my friends I will meet up in France, see you very soon for new adventures.

Uncle Fish taught me it is essential to « leave well » when you are separating from someone or a place. I’ve then decided that my last actions and vibes here will go towards making peace with all the things or people I have particular resentment. In this journey, I’ve realized that in fact, when you « leave well » then you are not leaving anymore, it is simply a sweet and serene continuation. My physical body will leave China and all the souls here to go somewhere else in the world but spiritually, I am not leaving, I’m bathing in this infinite connection, a deep feeling of unity, fullness & plenitude…

If you have any ideas of collaborations or need any guidance, feel free to send me a message. Here or there, I keep on offering my services because it is what I do best; Being Myself…

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