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Meditation Simple Guidance

You can find here a simple smooth guidance coming from my experience of meditation and sharing in groups.

* Find a quiet place where you know you won’t be disturbed. It will be easier for you to enter a quiet state of mind and to comfortably relax.

* Close your eyes

* Bring awareness to your breath. Inhale deeply. Exhale, release all the tensions in your body. Inhale deeply. Exhale, relax your entire body.

* Be aware of your breath. Anytime you realise you’re wandering in your thoughts, just come back to your breath. Let the thoughts come and go without any attachment.

* In meditation, there is no right or wrong. Be gentle with yourself. Whatever comes is just perfect the way it is so let it flow. Whatever comes is part of life. Noise, tiredness, pain in your body, tingling, warmth… it is part of the present moment, welcome it and let it go…

* Remember to always come back to your breath…Inhale…Exhale…


* Cross your legs so as to have your back straight. Take a confortable position to able your body to be completely relax and open. If you can’t cross your legs, just sit as much straight as you can without force. The most important part is the sacrum (situated in the lower part of the vertebral column), so make sure this part is comfortable. You can help yourself with a pillow that will be positionned to release the sacrum from any tension.

* When you’re tight, the energy doesn’t flow. When you’re too relax, the energy doesn’t flow and you’ll probably fall asleep.

* When you begin, you can position your hands palms down on your legs so as not to put tension on your shoulders. When you meditate palms up, the energy flows better as the center of the palms have great energy. But if you are tense, the energy doesn’t flow. That’s why we recommend to meditate palms down on your legs when you begin.

That’s it, nothing more to know. Now, just experience…

Like Buddha said “Don’t trust what I tell you, experience and feel by yourself.” You’re the only one who knows what’s right for you so make it your own practice and adapt it to you.

Note : We recommend to practice on your own but also with a group so that you’ll find support and reciprocity in your path.

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