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The psychologic fear comes from your mind anticipation, it is not the reality

A very talented artist was painting a beautiful lion. As soon as he finished to paint it, he started to scream and ran away from the painting saying that the lion was alive. What would you say about him? He is CRAZY, right?

Similarly, when you deeply desire to talk to this person you are attracted to but you don’t, you’re probably afraid to be rejected. When you have an amazing idea but you don’t put it in action, you certainly fear failure. When your boss asks you to come to his office without any reason and you start to feel apprehension, probably the fear of the future, the unknown…?

In fact, you are like this artist, afraid of something that does not exist.

You are as crazy as him! The only way to get rid of this fear is to face it. If the lion exists, you will be eaten by it. If it doesn’t then the fear will disappear. But if you don’t face it, you will be eaten by your own fears and you will never fully live your life.

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