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We are creators of reality

Me: “Would you like to live in a world where all the people simply live happily without any exception, a world without violence and war, a world of peace?

You: “Yes, of course.

Me: “Do you believe you will see it before the end of your life?

You: “No. Maybe it will happen one day but not before I die, I don’t think so.”

Who are you in this dialogue. You’re likely to be “Me” or “You”? What is your answer? Be sincere and true.

Me : "I’m convinced that what we think creates our tomorrow. If you trully want to live in a peaceful society and you don’t believe you’ll see it when you’re alive then you won’t see it. If you don’t believe in it yourself, who else will?"

Before going changing your outside world,

change the way you see it starting with YOU…

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