• Phounkeo HappyCultrice

What life offers me when I welcome it with my arms wide open

Reunion Island is inhabited by amazing landscapes full of depth and intensity. I think anyone can choose between keeping a distance or merge with Mother Earth. If you choose to keep a distance then you will meet Mother Earth with distance your arms mid-open.

As for me, I chose to merge with it and I felt small and vulnerable surrounded by this so powerful and impressive nature. At the beginning, I felt little bit scared to let myself be guided by so much power. However, the urge to connect with it was stronger, nature was inviting me to open up, to go beyond myself, to surrender…

The first week, I was in the expectation of something, seeking why my angels had sent me here, eagerly awaiting… ! And I realized I could not enjoy 100% what life was offering me, I was not in the present but in the future (I was looking for something, a goal to reach). I was waiting for something extraordinary to happen so that I could tell myself « Yes, this is the direction I need to take and do this this & this » Well, it is not always so clear…

Then I used the tools (I’ve learnt all along the years) that allow me to get more clarity so as to know which path to follow.

In a few meditative writing pages and I felt realigned. I come back to my center and I open myself back into the acceptance of what is, whatever I find something or not, I don’t have goal anymore. After all, I know extra-ordinary things are to be found in the simplest of daily life.

The second week, I let go… I have nothing to find, I simply… AM…

« There is no goal, the path is the goal. »

Everything opened up… or I’d rather say, I was opening up and I could welcome what was already here… Life had already forged ties for propitious encounters, places to experience, moments to live; I only had to open my heart so that things could appear in my path.

Experiences were magic:

  • Trekking in the mystic Piton Tortue (Turtle Peak)

  • Vibrating from all my body in a concert koktel « fonnkér » which means « bottom of my heart » with 26 artists sharing strong values of freedom and equity, mainly in creole language.

  • Sharing with a Tibetan Buddhist Monk on the beach lulled by the music of the waves.

  • Enjoying a karaoke with musician artists, singers, poets of the island and a very touching impro in Saint-Gilles port.

  • Listening to tales under the baobab tree of the Camélia quarter, this baobab I connected with during my meditations while living in Shanghai. Yes, I met him!

  • Sharing simple, sweet and wholehearted moments with my friends: old and new ones life brought into my path.

  • Being amazed by all these gorgeous landscapes. Feeling so humble to be a very tiny human being in the face of nature’s brute force and simultaneously, being able to merge with Mother Earth in the confirmation there is no separation between me and her.

  • Being invited to share a warm and delicious traditional dinner of the island.

  • Accompanying by my mother in this adventure, I felt blessed to share so many wonderful moments with her.

  • Assisting the creation of didgeridoo instruments meeting fascinating friends full of simplicity and love with a great respect for Mother Earth.

  • Meditating in all those places filled with powerful re-energizing vibes and simply, coming back to the source of my BEing, no more no less. « The present is called present because it’s a gift. »

I felt very welcomed from any side.