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Without vigilance, the slightest gust of wind will sweep you away

" Vigilance is being present without the thinking."

To meditate is to be present with what is going on inside of you while simultaneously aware of the outer world in the exact present moment.

"Now, STOP! Observe yourself… Are there any thoughts…?"

Meditation leads us into this space where there no longer are thoughts.

I feel aligned with myself, at peace, serene. This doesn’t mean that I’m not here anymore. It is actually quite the opposite, I am well-incarnated, I am conscious of ALL that is happening inside of me and around me: any sound or people around me, feeling the floor, each & every part of my body…

Nothing can surprise me because I am present.

I am vigilant and simultaneously in a state of plenitude.

The meditative state is a space where I’m firmly rooted, I become like this tree deeply rooted into earth, the higher I lift myself up, the deeper my roots will anchor into the ground. If I’m not deeply rooted, the slightest gust of wind will unsettle me.

When I lose attention and vigilance while meditating, I get enchanted by this light well-being and high. I end up in a state that is not meditation anymore, more like a happy gliding that gets blown away by the slightest gust of wind.

In life as much as in meditation, remain vigilant, keep this plenitude and in the same time, remain well-incarnated to face any situation. Well-rooted, powerful like a hundred-year-old tree and alive & flexible as the young crown tree leaves.

Teachings from a sharing with Uncle Fish*, as he was helping me on my awakening path.

* alias Tinoy, Master of Sarbacana, a Discipline of the verb to ‘Be’.

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