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What you don’t know about Qigong

After 3 years practicing Qigong, I’ve come to realize many preconceived ideas people has about this practice. I’d like to share with you my understanding and I hope you’ll try this practice and can benefit from it as much as I do ;)

- Qigong is not only for old people. The youngest you start, the best it is for you to keep healthy and to open your mind & your heart.

- Qi means “energy”, it’s like the Prana for Yoga practice. It’s a life force or vital energy. Everyone is able to feel it and to connect with it.

- Seen from the outside, Qigong movements looks very slow and calm but inside, you’ll get a very intense and penetrative feeling. It warms you up quite fast, and touches your deepest in the body and soul.

- Qigong is not a gymnastic for the body, it’s a deep practice which helps to realign body, mind and spirit.

- Qigong helps you to better understand how your body works. It naturally leads you to discover Traditional Chinese Medicine and the richness & depth of Chinese culture.

- Meditation is fully part of Qigong practice. Through Qigong meditation, you quiet your mind, learn more about your present inner state and find a peaceful awareness of your own self.

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